Dark Flow


A command interface for paginated forums

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Dark Flow

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This is probably the most weird 4chan client that has ever been created. It allows to transform imageboard front- and thread- pages in various ways, by adding some handy features, such as bookmarks or word-filter. Since it is not possible to create potent custom-protocol handlers in Firefox Quantum, Dark Flow now uses news:// protocol scheme, so you may type news://4chan.org/c:img:10p in browser URL-bar.

Generally, it can read any Wakaba-flavour imageboard which is not too different from the original Wakaba. Parser-plugins for particularly any site could be written in Clojure script. See the manual or video for more information.

Installing Firefox Add-On

Since the add-on is self-hosted, it is necessary to allow the installation from GitHub.

The addon will update automatically.